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MTB and Upay Partner to Enhance Wage Earner Remittance Disbursement

Mutual Trust Bank PLC (MTB) and UCB Fintech Company Limited (Upay) marked a significant milestone on January 30th with the signing of a Remittance Disbursement Agreement. The ceremony took place at the Corporate Head Office of Mutual Trust Bank PLC (MTB).

Representing their respective organizations at the ceremony, Md. Shafquat Hossain, Deputy Managing Director & Head of Retail Banking from MTB, and ATM Tahmiduzzaman FCS, Board of Directors, UCB Fintech Company Limited (Upay), inked the agreement. The signing event was attended by senior management from both entities; Md. Bakhteyer Hossain, Deputy Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer (COO), Azam Khan, Head of MTB Communications, Khondoker Asif Khaled, In-Charge of Non-Resident Banking Division of MTB along with other senior management from both organizations attended the ceremony.

This agreement signifies a strategic collaboration between MTB and Upay, aiming to streamline and improve the disbursement of Wage Earners Remittances. The partnership is expected to bring about greater convenience for the beneficiaries of the foreign remittance and further strengthen the position of both organizations in the financial services sector.

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