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“MBot” MTB’s Virtual Assistant can provide instant information online to assist you make the most of your MTB experience.

Mbot can provide round-the-clock consultations and personal assistance as well. Mbot ensures customers receive the hassle free personalized alternative banking services on their smartphones and tablets online anytime they want instead of interacting with a human agent of the bank from the self-service menu.

How MBot can help customers?

  • MBot has the capability to have personal, one-to-one conversations with customers. It gives the assurance of being taken care of to customers.
  • Saving valuable customer time in finding the exact answers to their queries
  • Suggesting personalized banking products for every customers.
  • Saving the trouble of going through long FAQs for the solution.
  • Navigating the customers to the exact information related to their queries.
  • Helping customers open bank account online.
  • Redirecting customer queries that need human intervention to Customer Care Services.

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