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MTB Cash Management Unit is committed to provide best in tailored made cash management service to the corporate clients & institutions that truly complement their financial requirements. Leveraging on superior technological platform, we offer customized banking services, using a variety of advanced collection and payment solutions, to achieve a balanced level of liquidity and return for the business operations. With vast banking network, customized reporting and MIS, web based and internet banking facility, MTB Cash Management Unit delivers effective management of payables and receivables along with  ease of reconciliation.

Core Products of Cash Management unit:

  • MTB Nationwide Collection Solution
  • MTB Nationwide Payment Solution
  • MTB Capital Market Service.
  • MTB Web- based Banking Service

MTB Nationwide Collection Solution:

MTB Nationwide Collection Solution is formulated to facilitate large Corporate clients in collecting their receivables through MTB Branch network to their single collection account maintained with MTB. This facility enables the large corporate clients to avail funds faster in a cost-effective manner. MTB is providing tailored made cash management services to a number of government organizations, utility companies, NGOs, local corporates, insurance companies, education institutions and capital market companies.

MTB Nationwide Payment Solution

MTB Nationwide Payment Solution is formulated to facilitate large corporate  inistitutions and clients to manage their payables from a single bank account. Customers can manage their payable i.e. vendor payment, salary payment, dividend payment etc through BEFTN, RTGS platform as well as account transfer.

MTB Capital Market Service :

MTB Capital Market Service is formulated to facilitate any organization or company to provide lead banker role for IPO & right share collection. We have a dedicated collection point for IPO & right share collection and allocated team for smooth operation and reconciliation. We also have a wide range of reporting lines with data management to meet day to day MIS requirements. We are confident enough to efficiently manage events as lead banker as well as banker for fund raising issue management.

Host to Host Connectivity and MIS Management:

This application is defined as a middleware between MTB’s core system and Customer’s core accounting system. That means once a transaction is done at any MTB branch, BEFTN or RTGS platform, the entry is directly reflected into customer’s core software on real-time.

This web-based service benefits an organization in numerous ways:

  • MIS: Customers will receive complete MIS every day.
  • Just-in-Time: Customers will get real-time transaction reflection in their system.
  • Error free data: As the MIS is totally system-generated, there is be no probability of data manipulation.
  • Reconciliation: Customers’ core accounting systems are adjusted automatically as both the systems share date and reconcile on real time through host-to-host connectivity.

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