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You have access to our 24/7 Contact Centre whenever you need any help with respect to your credit card. For any enquiry or support regarding your card, simply call at 16219 from your registered number. You may also reach us at +880 96040 16219 from overseas.

You may avail the following services:

  • Activation of your card
  • Set a new PIN or reset existing PIN for your Card
  • Getting your card information & transaction details
  • Loss/stolen reporting of your card
  • Duplicate statement request
  • Enrollment to e-statement
  • Card and PIN replacement request


Supplementary Card:
You can share the exclusive benefits of your card by giving your loved ones Supplementary Cards. As a Primary Cardholder, you can also set spending limits for each of your Supplementary Cards. For easy tracking, all transactions on your Supplementary Card will be shown separately on your monthly card statement. You can give up to four Supplementary Cards and the first two are absolutely free.

Fast fund:
You can transfer funds from your MTB Credit Card to any Bank account using MTB Fast Fund and enjoy 15-50 days interest free period. You can avail the Fast Fund facility using MTB Internet Banking or MTB Smart Banking App. 95% of your available credit limit can be transferred from you card to any bank account as desired.

Instant Cash Advance:
You do not need to carry cash anymore if you have a MTB Credit Card. You can withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit from ATMs (both home and abroad).

Card Cheque:
You can get a Cheque Book issued against your card and use the cheque (Account Payee only) for payment to any person or establishment within Bangladesh. Card Cheque will be especially useful to you where card acceptance facility is not available (e.g. house rent, school fees etc.). 90% of your available credit limit can be utilized through Card Cheque.

E-statement gives you the freedom to receive your financial information anywhere in the world & minimize your paper work. Get your card’s monthly statements at your registered e-mail address absolutely FREE.

SMS Alert:
You will get SMS at your register number for transactions, statement balance, minimum due amount and payment due date along with other important information. This gives you peace of mind as you use your MTB Credit Card.

Global Usage:
Your card has wide acceptance across the country and around the globe. Please remember to get your passport endorsed against your card to use your card for overseas transactions. Your international transaction facility will be automatically enabled upon passport endorsement.

Online Transactions:

  • You can make online transactions 24/7 with your MTB Card; you need not make any requests to the bank for enabling online transaction facility.
  • You are all set to make local online transactions with your MTB Credit Card. For international online transactions, please get your Passport endorsed against your MTB Credit Card.
  • Upon endorsement of your passport, your international online transaction facility will also be automatically enabled.
  • Your international online transaction facility will remain open for up to USD 300 (or equivalent) per transaction for any valid purchase. For transactions of higher amount in permissible areas, please call 16219 or +880 96040 16219 (from overseas). You can also email us at

Paying your Card Bill:

  • Payment at branches: Card payments are accepted through cash or cheque at all MTB branches. Cash payments will be updated on the same day and Cheque payments will be updated on the day we receive the cleared funds. For cheque payments, please make it ‘Account Payee’ in favor of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. At branches, you can make payments over the counter or through Cash Deposit Machines (CDM). Payments through CDM will be updated by next working day.
  • Payment through Auto-Debit: If you are an MTB Account Holder, you can avail our Auto-Debit facility to settle your card bill. This facility will enable us to debit your nominated account and credit the card account on the payment due date. You can choose either the minimum amount due or 100% of the current balance for payment.
  • Payment through Internet Banking: If you are an MTB Account Holder and availing internet banking facility, you can pay your card bill through internet baking any time. The payment will be updated on the same day.

Important Notes :

  • Make sure your Payment covers at least the Minimum Amount Due as shown on your statement. If the Minimum Amount Due is not received by the payment due date, Late Payment Fee will be imposed.
  • If your payment due date falls on Public Holiday, your payment must reach us on the working day prior to the Public Holiday.
  • If you are availing Auto-Debit facility, please ensure that your respective account is active and sufficient balance is maintained.

Use & Protection of Your Card

  • Please do not disclose security details of your card like your Card Number, Credit Limit, PIN, Expiry Date, etc. to anyone.
  • Please do not disclose your PIN to anyone in any situation. Do not write the PIN on your card or keep it with your card.
  • If your credit card is lost or stolen, please inform the Bank immediately by calling our 24/7 Contact Centre.
  • Please report any disputed entry in your card statement. The report has to be made in writing, mentioning the transaction details within 30 days of the statement date.

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