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MTB aspires to be a top employer of the best talent. For us, being a top employer means creating the right conditions for our people to succeed, to challenge and enable them to do their best work and reward them for doing so, to value their unique perspectives and contributions, and to empower them to thrive on both the national and global stage. Gender equality is a key factor in achieving this goal and is a priority in our global diversity and inclusion strategy.
MTB is focused on engaging women and men across the organization to attract, develop and retain women at all levels. Our commitment to gender equality is evidenced at every level of the bank, from our Board through our senior leadership to our new hires.
MTB also sees diversity as a prerequisite for maintaining a healthy and innovative working environment, and we, at MTB, believe it is important to cultivate a staff profile as diverse as possible without discriminating based on gender.

Mrs Khwaja Nargis Hossain was elected Vice-Chairperson of Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB) at its 222nd Board Meeting held on May 31, 2018.

Mrs. Hossain has been serving as a member of the MTB Board of Directors since March 30, 2010.
Apart from the above-mentioned affiliation with MTB, Mrs. Hossain also holds the following positions:
• Managing Director of SAHCO Securities Limited.
• Corporate Director of SAHCO International Limited
• Member of BOAO Forum for Asia (BFA), China. BFA is a non-profit international organization formed by twenty six Asian Countries and Australia for socio-economic development of the people of Asia and rest of the world.

Tanjila Akter Chowdhury had appointed as the first ever female branch manager at MTB.

“I’m busy learning and meeting new people at my job and never get bored,” Tanzila says. As the first woman branch manager of the bank, she also wants to meet the expectations of woman employees who constitute 19 per cent of MTB’s workforce.

Fahmida Afroze is the second female branch manager at MTB.

“2018 will be the year I implement ideas that I took away from my mentors. I’ve already presented a few strategies in my branch as advised by our senior management. Personally, I’ve learned a lot and I hope it reflects on my management and training style.”

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