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  • MTB Buniad

    It is a fixed deposit (FD) scheme for CMSMEs.

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  • MTB Probaho

    It is an interest bearing current account for Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs).

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  • Earnest Money

    Infrastructural developments have increased significantly over the years.

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  • Inland documentary bill purchase (IDBP)

    To ensure trade finance facilitation for CMSMEs under same umbrella

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  • Krishijat

    MTB Krishijat is a customized loan product for all kinds of agro-based and agro processing industries.

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  • MTB Abason

    MTB Abason is a term loan product for the customers who want to own a Semi Pucca property to rent it out/ own use for worker.

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  • MTB Commercial Space Finance

    MTB Commercial Space Finance is a term loan product for the Small and Medium Enterprise customers.

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  • MTB Uddog

    “MTB Uddog” is a Revolving Short Term Loan facility.

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  • Shachal – Vehicle Financing

    MTB Shachal – Vehicle Financing is a terminating facility (EMI based).

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  • Small Business Loan (SBL)

    Provides financing to SMEs to meet their working capital requirement or fixed asset finance requirement

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  • SME CC (Hypo)

    The loan fulfills the working capital requirement of CMSMEs.

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  • MTB Krishi

    MTB Krishi is designed for direct lending in the agriculture sector.

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SME Non Funded Loans and advance Products:

  • Letter of Credit (sight/deferred)
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Bid Bond Guarantee

Other Products and services:

  • SOD (General), SOD (Work Order)
  • Loan General
  • Lease Finance
  • PAD
  • LATR

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