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MTB wants to be the best digital Bank of the country within next two years. So digitization across the bank is going on. SME Banking Division has also echoed with the Bank’s vision. We are working with a number of partners for digital loan.

Online Deposit account opening
COVID-19 has given us many lessons. We can avail many banking facilities from home which we never imagined before. There will be a CASA opening link for SME Customers linked with existing oAo
Online / Whatsapp loan application
Client will be able to apply for loan through Online / Whatsapp applications. by providing few basic information of their business.
E-loan/Digital Loan
In line with traditional lending, MTB is also working on e-loan or digital loan through integration with fintechs. MTB is now in pilot phase to launch the e-loan
Digital loan to marginal farmers
Marginal farmers often have dire needs for small ticket loans. Due to the revolution of MFS, now the farmers staying at far distance can easily be given access to loan. MTB is planning to launch this in Gaibandha soon

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