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Green PIN is a Contact Centre IVR based, instant and secure PIN generation service for all MTB Cards.

Anytime & Anywhere, a Cardholder can generate PIN for his/her new card, change the old PIN as well as reset the old PIN in case he/she has forgotten.

Cardholders no longer need to visit any MTB premises to place requests for PIN, nor do they have to wait for PIN after placing the request; they will get their desired PIN instantly.

Fraud risk for Green PIN is minimal as customer’s identity is verified and entire conversation is recorded in the system.

PIN generation is just a call away! Call MTB 24/7Contact Centre @ 16219 to set your PIN.

How to generate MTB Green Pin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What is MTB Green PIN?

MTB Green PIN is an instant and secure card PIN generation process by cardholder himself through Contact Centre IVR for all types of card issued by MTB.
It enables a valued cardholder to Generate, Reset and Change card PIN anytime from anywhere at his/her convenience.
Waiting for days to get paper based card PIN is now over as no courier dependency and no more branch visit required. Moreover, this is a paperless “Go Green & Save the Planet,” initiative to live better.

Q-2.What are the services offered by MTB Green PIN Service to valued MTB cardholders?

Following three card PIN related services are offer for valued MTB cardholders:

  • New card PIN Generation
  • Forgotten card PIN Reset
  • Card PIN Change
Q-3. Is there any fees and charges for card PIN Generation, Reset and Change?

No fees and charges will be incurred for new card PIN generation, forgotten card PIN reset
and existing card PIN change, this services are absolutely Free of Cost (FOC) for valued MTB

Particulars Fees & Charges
New Card PIN Generation Free of Cost
Forgotten Card PIN Reset Free of Cost
Card PIN Change Free of Cost
Q-4. What should be the card status at the time of taking MTB Green PIN services?

To avail any of the services (New card PIN Generation, Forgotten card PIN Reset and Card PIN
Change) under MTB Green PIN menu, a cardholder’s requested card(s) must be in Active
Card status which is not in active status will not be able to take MTB Green PIN Service until
s/he activates the card.

Q-5. Can I avail MTB Green PIN services by calling from any number (Mobile, BTCL, IP based phone, VOIP)?

It is mandatory to call from Registered Mobile Number to avail all services under Green PIN
menu. A Cardholder who will call from other numbers apart from the Registered Mobile
Number will not be able to take MTB Green PIN services.

Q-6 How long it will take for card PIN Generation, Reset and Change MTB Green PIN?

Card PIN Generation, Reset And Change will be done real time within The Call.
A Cardholder will be able to do It from Anywhere, Anytime At his/her Convenience by Calling
MTB 24/7 Contact Centre.

Q-7. Can I Generate New PIN for my multiple cards just in one call or I need to make separate calls?

No Sir, you can create PIN for only one card on each call.

Q-8. Can I take MTB Green PIN services for my supplementary card(s) or cardholder needs to call for this?

As a valued primary cardholder, you can take MTB Green PIN services for your supplementary
card(s) if your mobile number is the registered for that card(s). In case of different registered
mobile number for supplementary card(s), respective supplementary cardholder(s) need to call
our MTB 24/7 Contact Centre to avail of the service.

Q-9. Is there any time and limit related restrictions regarding generating, reset or change card PIN?

As per policy a cardholder can change his/her Card PIN Maximum 3 times in a day.

Q-10. I have a Virtual Card of your bank, tagged with my MTB Internet Banking, how to Generate, Reset or Change the card PIN

Card PIN Generation, Reset or Change is not applicable/required for any virtual card issued by MTB.
Virtual Card is only for QR based payment at merchant outlets and not enabled to do physical card based transaction at POS and ATM terminals.

Q-11. Can I get paper-based card PIN as previous?

You have to avail MTB Green PIN services as we already discontinued paper based PIN production.

Q-12. I do not have/use smartphone, can I avail MTB Green PIN services?

Yes, You can avail MTB Green PIN service. As it is an IVR based service. A valued cardholder can avail the service by calling from his/her registered mobile number.

Q-13. Can I avail MTB Green PIN services on behalf of my Friends or Family if they are unable to take the service by themselves?

No, You will not be able to avail the service on behalf of someone else as this a violation of card and information security. Individual cardholder needs to call to our 24/7 Contact Centre
from his/her registered mobile number to avail MTB Green PIN services.

Q-14. Will my card be blocked for any wrong attempt in new card PIN generation, card PIN reset or change?

In case of 3 (three) consecutive wrong attempts for any mentioned MTB Green PIN services, the card will be blocked temporarily for your card security purpose. You can reactivate the temporarily blocked card by calling to our 24/7 Contact Centre from your registered mobile
number anytime.

Q-15. I am now in abroad, can I avail MTB Green PIN Services

If your registered mobile number is in Roaming mode and with you, you can get the services by calling from your registered mobile number.
We are happy to inform you that, in our Green PIN Phase-2 we shall update our Green PIN with TPIN (Telephonic Personal Identification Number) validation process where if you have TPIN, you can generate/reset/change your Card PIN without calling from registered mobile number.

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