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Name Designation Functional Role
Syed Mahbubur Rahman
Managing Director & CEO
Chairman Managing Director & CEO
Chowdhury Akhtar Asif
Additional Managing Director & GCRO
Member Group Chief Risk Officer (GCRO)
Md. Khalid Mahmood Khan
Additional Managing Director & CBO
Member Chief Business Officer & Head of Off-shore Banking Unit (OBU)
Md. Bakhteyer Hossain
Deputy Managing Director & COO
Member Chief Operating Officer
Md. Shamsul Islam
Deputy Managing Director & Head of Treasury
Member Secretary Group Head of Treasury (GHoT)
Md. Shafquat Hossain
Deputy Managing Director & Head of Retail Banking
Member Head of Retail Banking Division
Md. Arif Bin Idrish Member Head of Islamic Banking Division
A.T.M. Nesarul Hoque Member Head of Financial Institutions Services Dept.

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