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Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (CMSME) Financing: History reveals innumerous instances of small ventures turning to conglomerates. Many of today’s large business empires started as a small venture and accordingly grew bigger. As they progressed, the country has benefitted manifolds in terms of employment generation as well as increase of tax revenue.

Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB) is committed to growing in CMSME and Agri. sector financing under the prudent guidance of Bangladesh Bank as well as our Honorable Board of Directors. MTB is continuing its endeavor to reach a new height with innovative and tailor-made products & services for CMSME and Agri. sectors.

Agricultural Financing: Bangladesh being an agro-based economy has enormous potential in agricultural financing. Under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Bank, MTB is on its way to increasing its diversified engagement in Agri. financing.

CMSME Deposit: CMSME clients generically have low capital base. So it is of paramount importance for them to build a savings habit which will gradually lead them to financial sufficiency. MTB offers attractive CMSME Deposit Products to strengthen their financial position as well as to build social capital.

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