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MTB Group Integrity Committee

Name Designation As
Mr. Goutam Prosad Das DMD & GHoICC Chairman
Mr. Abdul Mannan SEVP & Head of MDDB 2 Member Secretary
Mr. Md. Bakhteyer Hossain SEVP & Head of Transaction Banking Member
Mr. Galib Hamid Protik EVP & Head of MOD Focal Point Official- MTB
Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mazumder CEO, MTB Securities Ltd. (MTBSL) Focal Point Official- MTBSL
Mr. Khairul Bashar Abu Taher Mohammed CEO, MTB Capital Ltd. (MTBCL) Focal Point Official- MTBCL
Mr. Masud Mushfiq Zaman SVP & GHoHR Member
Mr. Mohammad Zahidul Ahasan Head of NRB Division Focal Point Official- MTB Security Custodian
Mr. Shafayat Ullah EVP & Head of Group Legal Affairs Division ( MGL) Deputy Focal Point OfficialMTB
Integrity Award among the employees and Staff

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