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MTB has been ranked as one of the Top Ten Sustainable Banks by Bangladesh Bank

Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB) has recently been recognised as one of the top ten (10) sustainable banks of Bangladesh by Bangladesh Bank based on its performance in 2020. Bangladesh Bank’s Sustainable Finance Department (SFD) prepared a list of top 10 sustainable banks and five non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) based on their performances and published their names on its website based on a rating. This is the first time Bangladesh Bank has published such a rating based on four indicators such as Sustainable Finance, Green Refinance, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and Core Banking Sustainability.

Syed Mahbubur Rahman, Managing Director & CEO, MTB, termed this recognition as a source of great inspiration and gratification for MTB to become as one of the Top Ten Sustainable Banks in Bangladesh. With a view to ensuring sustainable development, we finance in environment-friendly projects and encourage green banking. In case of the Bank’s CSR, we try to work for the society, country and its people mainly in education, health and disaster management sectors apart from other sectors. He expressed his gratitude for Bangladesh Bank for recognizing MTB as one of the top ten sustainable banks.

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