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MTB Champions Social Good with Prestigious 3G Excellence Award in Socially Responsible Banking 2024 by Cambridge IFA

Mutual Trust Bank PLC (MTB) celebrates its recognition with the 3G Excellence Award in Socially Responsible Banking, conferred by Cambridge IFA. This award highlights MTB’s unwavering commitment to ethical banking and social responsibility that goes beyond traditional services.

Beyond traditional banking, MTB champions social good through impactful CSR initiatives. From education programs bridging knowledge gaps to eco-friendly practices promoting conservation, MTB strives for a positive societal impact.

“We are incredibly honored,” said Syed Mahbubur Rahman, MD & CEO of the Bank. “At MTB, we firmly believe that sustainable business practices are not merely a responsibility, but a strategic cornerstone. Our dedication will continue to uphold principles of integrity, inclusivity, and social responsibility. We remain committed to effecting positive change within the communities we serve and contributing to a sustainable future.”

MTB’s receipt of this prestigious award reaffirms its enduring commitment to ethical banking practices and social responsibility. As a leader by example, it remains poised to drive forward the principles of sustainability and responsible business practices for the benefit of future generations.

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