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MTB Celebrate World Environment Day Collaborate with BU-C3ER

Mutual Trust Bank PLC celebrated World Environment Day 2024 in collaboration with C3ER of BRAC University on June 05, 2024. C3ER of BU and MTB jointly organized various programs such as project idea pitching, quiz café, exhibition of photos, art, and green products, among others, aimed at engaging the youth towards the journey to a greener future. The event was held at the Exhibition Gallery of BRAC University New Campus, Merul Badda, Dhaka. Students from different renowned universities participated in the event, with the total estimated number of attendees exceeding 250.
During the program, Md. Shafquat Hossain, DMD & Divisional Head, Retail Banking Division of MTB, stated, “The world we live in faces record environmental challenges—climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and pollution are just a few to mention. In recent years, our world has witnessed a series of devastating environmental disasters that demand our immediate attention and collective action. The Amazon rainforest, often referred to as the Earth’s lungs, experienced unprecedented fires, leading to vast deforestation and loss of biodiversity.” Additionally, Anisul Hoque, an author, novelist, dramatist, and journalist, delivered a keynote address on climate change, land restoration, and the current climate disaster status in Bangladesh and globally. He also provided various guidelines and inspiration for the youth on how to save the environment.

Azam Khan, Head of Communications & Tahmina Zaman Khan, Head of Sustainable Finance with her team visited the exhibition Centre on behalf of MTB where the representatives from various program partners also delivered insightful speeches on environmental issues.

MTB presented various environmentally friendly financial products at the Symposium, providing young attendees with insights into eco-friendly financial products. Furthermore, MTB opened up internship opportunities for students of BRAC University, offering them a chance for career growth as fresh graduates.

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