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We provide loans that have specified repayment schedule and BB prescribed interest rate with tenure more than one year but less than ten years. We offer term loans for the following broader purposes:

Finance for Importing Capital Machinery
The purpose of this facility is to support long-term growth of business concerns by financing capital/ fixed assets. The common purposes of this facility are acquisition of capital machineries, equipment, vehicle, BMRE of industry or any other fixed asset that Bank finds to be finance-worthy, to create buffer stock. The period is within 1 to 7 years with monthly/quarterly repayments. The repayment is according to amortization schedule and set by equal installments.
Lease Finance
This is a mode of term financing for acquisition of capital machinery and equipment (or other assets such as consumer durables, vehicles, etc. and in some cases house building) whereby the Bank retains ownership and the customer is given the exclusive right to use the asset for an agreed period of time in return of rental payment.
Commercial House Building Finance
This type of loan will refer to construction of building/ structure, infrastructure when the purpose is commercial i.e. for generating income.
Term Loan to NBFI & MFI
This type of loan will refer to providing long term non-industrial loan to Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) depending upon their requirements and to Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) for their expansion of microfinance operation program.

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