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Renewable Energy

  • Solar Home System
  • Solar Pico Grid
  • Solar Nano Grid
  • Solar Micro Grid
  • Solar Mini Grid
  • Solar Park
  • Net Metering Rooftop Solar System
  • Solar Irrigation Pumping System
  • Solar Pump for drinking water
  • Solar PV Assembling/Manufacturing Plant
  • Solar Cooker Assembly/ Manufacturing Plant
  • Solar Water Heater Assembly /Manufacturing Plant
  • Solar Air Heater and Cooling System Assembly/Manufacturing Plant
  • Solar Powered Cold Storage
  • Small Size Biogas Plant
  • Medium Size Biogas Plant
  • Large size Biogas Plant
  • Integrated Cow Rearing and Setting up of Biogas Plant
  • Wind power plant
  • Hydropower power plant

Energy & Resource Efficiency

  • Installation of Energy Auditor Certified Machineries including Boiler in Industries
  • Auto Sensor Power Switch Assembly Plant
  • Energy efficient Cook Stove Assembly Plant
  • LED Bulb/Tube Manufacturing/Assembly Plant
  • Energy Efficient Lime Kiln
  • Improved Rice parboiling System

Alternative Energy

  • Pyrolysis oil/ Bio-crude Oil/ Bio-fuel Manufacturing Plant

Liquid Waste Management

  • Biological ETP
  • Combination of Biological & Chemical Technology Combined ETP
  • Conversion of Chemical ETP into combination of Biological & chemical ETP
  • Central ETP
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Solid Waste Management

  • Methane Recovery and Power Production from Municipal Waste Plant
  • Compost Production from Municipal Waste Plant
  • Hazardous Waste Management Unit/Plant
  • Medical Waste Management Unit/Plant
  • E-Waste Management Unit/Plant
  • Sludge Management & Processing facility

Recycling and Manufacturing of Recyclable Goods

  • PET Bottle Recycling Plant
  • Plastic Waste (PVC/PP/LDPE/HDPE, PS) Recycling Plant
  • Paper Recycling plant
  • Recyclable Bag Manufacturing Plant
  • Recyclable Poly Propylene Thread & Bag Manufacturing Plant
  • Battery (Solar/LED Acid/Lithium Ion) Recycling Plant

Environment Friendly Brick Production

  • Compressed Block-Brick
  • Foam-Concrete Brick
  • Environment Friendly/ Brick Kiln Efficiency Improvement Project (Tunnel Kiln & HHK)

Green/Environment Friendly Establishment

  • Establishment of Certified Green Industry
  • Establishment of Certified Green Building
  • Establishment/Installation ‘Green Featuring’ in the Buildings/Industries


  • Factory Work Environment & Security Related
  • Vermicomposting
  • Palm Oil Production
  • Bio-fertilizer Production from Slurry

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