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MTB understands the diverse needs of Bangladeshi Professionals. To cater to these individuals, MTB now offers a unique loan product named MTB Professional’s Loan. MTB recognizes that as a Professional, you demand great value as well as the best utilization of your money. MTB Professional’s Loan is a multi-purpose cash loan which is collateral free, with fixed monthly installment.


Who can apply

Any credit worthy Bangladeshi in the following professions as self-employed or salaried people:

  • Doctors or medical professionals
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Age:
    • Minimum 22 and maximum 65 years or retirement date whichever is earlier at the loan maturity
  • Experience:
    • 1 year of experience for salaried professionals
    • 2 years of practice for self employed professionals
  • Minimum monthly income:
    • BDT 25,000 per month for salaried professionals
    • BDT 40,000 per month for self employed professionals
  • Loan Amounts and Tenor:
    • Loan amount Tk. 50,000 to Tk. 10,00,000
    • Repayment Tenor 12 – 60 months

Loan Balance transfer or Take over:

Professionals enjoying EMI based personal loan with other banks may enjoy the facility of Loan Balance Transfer, pending credit evaluation


  • Minimum 6 loan EMI repayment with existing bank
  • Minimum takeover loan amount is BDT 2,00,000 and maximum BDT 10,00,000

Benefits of Takeover Plan:

  • No processing fee for loan takeover or balance transfer
  • Approved loan amount may be higher than the takeover loan amount

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