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The government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh have launched an initiative to provide incentive on wage earners remittance sent by expatriate Bangladeshis.

If you are a Bangladeshi national sending money back home, you will receive incentive on your sending amount, which will be paid in Bangladeshi taka. This applies to all transaction methods facilitated by Mutual Trust Bank Limited (bank transfer, cash pick up and mobile wallet). Every transfer from a Bangladeshi national using legal remittance channels, will be able to receive the reward.

How does it work?

  • Cash incentive is applicable to all modes of wage earners remittance (account deposit, cash over the counter & mobile wallet)
  • At present the incentive is 2% on the principal amount
  • No document is required for remittances up to BDT 500,000
  • To receive incentive on remittances over BDT 500,000, the beneficiary will need to submit the following documentation
    • Sender’s valid passport copy with visa
    • Sender’s work permit/employment contract issued by the foreign employer
    • Sender’s BMET (Bureau of manpower, employment and training) certificate
    • Trade license in case of sender is a businessperson

Terms and Condition

  • Cash incentive is applicable to wage earners remittances only
  • Cash incentive will be received by beneficiary only
  • Beneficiary must an individual to receive incentive
  • The sender must be a Bangladeshi national
  • The sender must be gainfully employed overseas, but not paid by a government, or statutory, autonomous or semiautonomous body

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