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MTB e-CAB Visa Prepaid Card is designed for the valued members of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) to meet their unique payment needs. If you are member of e-CAB, this card is a must in your wallet. You can use the card locally as well as internationally against your Annual Travel Quota (USD 5,000 in SAARC countries & Myanmar and USD 7,000 for the other countries currently). You can deposit the desired amount to your card in BDT and have the equivalent limit in USD in your card upon endorsement of your passport against your card. You can use the card at ATMs, POS machines as well as e-commerce sites globally.

Key Features

  • Life Time Free card
  • Reloadable
  • E-commerce Facility
  • Zero Cash Withdrawal Fee at MTB ATMs
  • Exciting Discounts under MTB Delight

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