MRewardz is a comprehensive loyalty program designed to reward you for your spending with your MTB Credit Card. You will earn Reward Points on all of your POS & Online transactions. What you want to do with your accumulated points is totally up to you. Get a gift voucher of your favorite clothing store, stay free at your dream resort, give a Gift Card to your loved one, pay your credit card bill and what not.

You are automatically enrolled to this loyalty program & the enrolment is absolutely FREE!!!

How do I earn Reward Points?

MTB Credit Cardholders will earn Reward Points at the following ratio:

  • BDT 50 or USD 1 =1 Reward Point for Classic/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Titanium Credit Card
  • BDT 50 or USD 1 =2 Reward Points for Signature & World Credit Card

How can I convert my Reward Points into my desired rewards?

Your desired reward is just a call away. Call our 24-hour Contact Centre at 16219 to know your available reward points and place request for your desired reward.

You can redeem your Reward Points in any of the following ways:

  • Get Reward Vouchers for specific merchants
  • Pay your credit card Fees & Charges
  • Pay your Credit Card Bill
  • Get Gift Card for your loved one

To view all your available options, browse our Reward Catalogue.

Terms & Conditions

  • Reward Points will be earned on personal, non-commercial transactions  only. The bank may nullify earned Reward Points if transactions are found to be of commercial nature.
  • The bank reserves the right not to give Reward Points or nullify earned Reward Points for any particular transaction or for transactions done at any specific merchant point or merchant category.
  • If any transaction is reversed, accrued points from that transaction will also be reversed.
  • There will be a single account for Reward Point accumulation- Primary Cardholder’s account. Points accruing from transactions done through supplementary card(s) will also be added to that account.
  • Only Primary Cardholder will be able to request for the redemption of Reward Points.
  • Reward Points, if not redeemed, will get expired in 3 years (from point accumulation date).
  • Any unredeemed points will be nullified when a card is closed.
  • Any unredeemed points can be nullified or directed towards the payment of credit card bills when a card account is classified.