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The banks may engage following persons/entities as their agent/s:

  • MFIs regulated by Microcredit Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh;
  • NGOs registered with Social Welfare Directorate;
  • Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860;
  • Cooperative Societies formed and controlled/supervised under the Cooperative Society Act, 2001;
  • Government offices having branch/unit offices;
  • Courier and mailing service companies registered under Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications;
  • Companies registered under the Companies Act, 1994;
  • Agents of mobile network operators that fulfils the eligibility criteria.
  • Local government institutions;
  • Union Digital Centre (UDC); Post Offices
  • Agents of insurance companies that fulfil the eligibility criteria
  • Any business entity having trade licenses from eligible authorities that fulfils the eligibility criteria.
  • Any other entity which Bangladesh Bank may prescribe or authorize.


While selecting an agent, MTB maintains the following criteria:

  • The nationality of the individual / firm has to be Bangladeshi.
  • It is mandatory for the proposed agent to have a minimum educational qualification of H.S.C or an equivalent degree. This has been done so that the agent is able to understand the relevant rules and regulations of the Agent Banking system. However, in some cases, exceptions could be made for deserving candidates.
  • The applicant’s age limit is 18-65 years. However, in some cases, exceptions could be made for deserving candidates.
  • The applicant should be a local resident of the area.
  • The person/firm has to be financially sound and solvent.
  • The applicant should have his own/rented business premise.
  • The proposed agent, cannot in any way, be a loan defaulter.
  • The proposed agent, cannot in any way, have a record of being penalized by any civil or criminal court.
  • The agent is expected to have adequate business experience combined with a good reputation in the locality.
  • Any applicant engaged in subversive activities will be rejected.
  • The proposed agent should have adequate knowledge and ability to handle technology-based financial services.
  • The person should have the ability to meet all kinds of commitments under adverse situations.
  • People with the capacity to manage cash handling in the Agent Banking Centre, will be given preference.
  • Any person holding the position/s of a director, Managing Director/CEO in an organization, or holding a significant number of shares of the banking company or their spouses will not quality to apply as an agent (Banking Company Law 1991 Section 26 GA).

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