MTB Angona DPS is a monthly savings plan created for developing the savings habit of MTB Angona customers and turn small savings into a large amount of money over a certain period of time.

Key Features :

  • Multiple tenors with higher interest rate
  • Multiple DPS account can be opened by the same customer
  • Installment size: Any amount multiple of BDT 500 but not exceeding BDT 20000
  • Credit facilities available

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on MTB Angona DPS


  • Any MTB Angona Customer
  • Must have an MTB Angona General or MTB Angona Premium account
  • Age limit 18 years and above
  • Minimum Installment size: BDT 500

Monthly Instalment & Pre-Tax Maturity Value

Installment per MonthTenor 3 years/Maturity ValueTenor 5 years/Maturity ValueTenor 8 years/Maturity ValueTenor 10 years/Maturity Value

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