What Is Angona?

MTB aspire to be the most trusted financial institution in the country, recognized as a dynamic, innovative and client focused company that works with the vision of achieving the service excellence in the banking industry while creating a remarkable economic growth in the country's economy. MTB believes that this growth along with proper empowerment of women will work for the elevation of the society to a newer height. In doing so and also to cater the special need of Women as well as to address each of their strengths MTB launches MTB Angona, country's best segmented approach with an exclusive array of products, services and unique value propositions. Let us fulfill your each dream through our vibrant team and help you to flourish with prosperity.

How Does Angona Work?

MTB Angona is working with the vision of becoming the most admired financial partner for catering women's every need. We work for ensuring financial inclusion of every women from our society while helping them to

  • Improve their decision making capabilities,
  • Achieve robust leadership quality and
  • Empower them to dream bigger each day than yesterday.

Our main target is to not only ensure the availability of all necessary financial updates and informations within their fingertips but also uplift their confidence to evaporate the inertia to speak up when & where it is needed.

Why Angona?

We aim to cater every need of each individual woman from the society with its diversified & lucrative products, services and propositions.

We believe to empower each women to make them financially fit and resilient who can elevate their lifestyles by proper management of the financial decisions.

Our exclusive events (health awareness sessions, yoga camp, knowledge sharing, high tea party, jewelry show, cooking show, award shows, etc.) will create the scopes for our MTB Angonas to know each other through mingling. We wish to help them to build a stronger network which will enable them to develop themselves, share their success stories as well as strengthen their confidence to be able to achieve their desired goal.