MTB Yaqeen Auto Finance is a Shari’ah compliant investment product designed under the concept of ‘Hire Purchase’ and ‘Shirkat ul Milk’ (Diminishing Musharakah). This enables the customers to purchase the desired vehicle, making payment in installments.

Shari’ah Features:

  • Riba (interest) free investment facility.
  • Bank and the customer jointly purchase a vehicle.
  • Bank rent out its portion in the vehicle to the customer against a series of rental payment.
  • Customer purchases Bank’s portion of ownership in the vehicle making payment in monthly/ quarterly installments.
  • Option for reimbursement of ownership tax under mutual agreement.​

General Features:

  • Investment facility is available for purchasing brand new, reconditioned or registered vehicle.
  • Finance amount ranges from BDT 3 Lac to BDT 40 Lac
  • Up to 50% of the value of the vehicle is invested by the bank.
  • Vehicle age should not be more than 5 years (excluding manufacturing year).
  • Maximum investment facility is 6 years for brand new vehicles.
  • Maximum investment tenure is 5 years in case of reconditioned and registered vehicles.
  • Takeover facility from any other bank/financial institution.
  • No processing fee is charged.
  • Free from any compounding calculation.
  • No fee for early settlement.


  • Age of the applicant: 21 to 65 years.
  • Minimum Experience: 1 (one) year for salaried person/professional and 2 (two) years for business person.
  • Minimum Monthly Income: BDT 40,000 for salaried person/self-employed/professional and BDT 50,000 for business person/land lord/other individuals.

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