MTB Yaqeen Ujrah Card is a Shari’ah-compliant alternative to conventional credit cards. This product has been designed on the basis of ‘Ujrah’ concept, which refers to a fixed-fee structure. Ujrah cardholders will have to pay a fixed Monthly Maintenance Fee (MMF) based on the types of the cards they use (gold, platinum, signature), irrespective of the cards’ outstanding balance.

Types of Ujrah Card Lowest Card Limit Highest Card Limit Monthly Maintenance Fee (MMF)
Visa Gold BDT 30,000 BDT 200,000 BDT 2000
Visa Platinum BDT 150,000 BDT 500,000 BDT 3000
Visa Signature BDT 300,000 BDT 1,000,000 (unsecured)
BDT 2,500,000 (secured)
BDT 5000


  • Yaqeen Ujrah Card contains the similar benefits & services offered by MTB Visa Gold/ Platinum/ Signature cards except Fast Loan Facility, MTB Installment Purchase Program & MTB Protection Plan.


  • MTB Yaqeen Ujrah Card can not be used to avail any product or service that is impermissible in Islamic Shari’ah.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee (MMF) will be determined based on the type of card, e.g., signature, platinum and gold that offer different set of services, benefits and privileges.
  • For the sake of equity and justice, MTB, at its own discretion, may allow rebate on MMF, based on a customer’s credit rating, repayment history and uses of card etc. However, allowing such rebate will in no way be treated as a part of the agreement.
  • Bank can impose additional fees* on incidental services provided to the Cardholder i.e., as Cash Advance Fee, Fast Fund Fee, Cheque Processing Fee, PIN replacement Fee etc., when applicable.
  • Late payment charge (LPC) will be realized from the Cardholders, if he/she fails to make payment of the Minimum Due Amount within the Payment Due Date. Such charges must not be considered as a part of the bank’s income rather will be utilized for charitable purposes under the supervision of MTB Shari’ah Supervisory Board.
  • Customers availing MTB conventional credit cards can transfer their whole/ partial (free) limit to avail a new Yaqeen Ujrah Card.

Yaqeen Ujrah Card Schedule of Charges (SOC)

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