MTB Neer

The days of thinking what to do with your property are gone. MTB brings you an opportunity to build a semi-pucca house on your property. That’s not all. You may also wish to renovate your existing semi-pucca house just the way you want.

1. Customer Segment
Any Bangladeshi citizen having a stable source of earning and with a will to repay bank loan.

2. Loan Feature
 Loan amount Tk. 300,000.00 to Maximum Tk.4,000,000.00 or
 Repayment From 2- 15 years.
 Loan to Value ratio- LTV will be considered based on land value only. Maximum loan amount should be 50% of the land value. However, Loan amount should not be more than 80% of construction/repair/renovation etc. cost.
 No hidden charge

3. Property Eligibility
 Property could be anywhere in Bangladesh with MTB branch representation
 Property must be located in freehold/ private land