MTB Double Saver

This is a one time Fixed Deposit scheme where the deposit doubles in 7(seven) years 9(nine) months..

Terms & Conditions

  • Any adult individual/individuals in single or joint name and any government or non-government organization can invest in this scheme. The minimum deposit of this scheme is BDT 50,000.00 and there is no limit for maximum amount to open an account.
  • More than one account can be opened by the same depositor with the same branch.
  • The tenure of this scheme is 7(seven) years 9(nine) months.
  • If the depositor wishes to withdraw the deposited amount before maturity, the interest will be paid at the prevailing MTB Regular Savings interest rate.
  • If the address of the depositor is changed, it should be notified to the branch in writing immediately.
  • In case of death of the account holder(s), the scheme will cease to function. The amount will be paid to the nominee(s)/heir(s) with applicable interest as per rules on proper identification. If the nominee(s)/ heir(s) want(s) to continue the account until maturity, s/he would inform in writing within 30 days from the death of the account holder.
  • Tax at source, excise duty etc. will be deducted from the payable amount as per government rules.
  • Other terms and conditions shall be governed by the rules and regulations of Mutual Trust Bank Limited under the existing laws applicable in Bangladesh.
  • The bank also reserves the right to change the rules/procedures of the scheme as per necessity.

Credit Facility

  • The depositor can avail loan up to 90% of the payable amount. Minimum loan amount will not be less than BDT 25,000.00.
  • The depositor can avail credit card limit up to 80% of the payable amount. Minimum credit card limit will not be less than BDT 10,000.00.
Maturity period
7 Years 9 Months