MTB Yaqeen Al-Wadee’ah Current Account is operated under the Shari’ah compliant mode of Wadee’ah Yad Dhamanah that offers safekeeping of the deposits of our clients. The deposited money is utilized by MTB Yaqeen at its own risk in Shari’ah compliant financing activities. Depositors do not bear any riskor earn profit. MTB Yaqeen guarantees the principal amount of depositors, and is under obligation to return the deposited money on demand by the clients.


  • Any Bangladeshi citizen/resident aged 18 years or above can open an account.
  • Legal guardians can open & operate an account on behalf of a minor.
  • Minimum opening deposit: BDT 1000.
  • Minimum balance required to maintain an account: BDT 1000.
  • Complimentary Services:
    • Debit Card (1st Year)
    • Account Statement on half yearly basis
    • Internet Banking
    • Cheque Book (1st 10 Pages)
    • Countrywide Online Transaction

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