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Trade Finance


We offer export and import finance facilities for our customers depending on their requirements. Our trade finance service is a unity of funded and non-funded facilities.

Our export finance facilities include:

  • Back to Back L/C opening
  • Export Bill Discounting (FDBP and IDBP)
  • Secured Over Draft (SOD-general/export bill)

Our import finance facilities include:

  • Loan Against Trust Receipt (LTR)
  • Term Loan (TR)

Our non-funded trade finance facilities:

  • L/C Opening (Sight & Deferred)
  • L/C Advising
  • L/C Transfer
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Secured Over Draft (SOD) in the form of SOD (general/export bill) and SOD (Others-work order, FDR, land, etc.)
  • Bank Guarantee in the form of Performance guarantee, Advance Payment gurantee, and
  • Bidbond.Inland Bill Purchase (IBP) includes mainly government security bills and bonds.
  • Foreign Bill Purchase (FBP) includes foreign drafts.